Specialty Moves


Equipment, Classic Cars and more.

West 4th Logistics understands that moves often require more than moving just boxes and furniture from one location to another. All of our staff are full time moving and hauling specialists and fully trained to handle the most complex and fragile items.


Our fleet of modern, air-ride, lift gate equipped trucks are well suited for transporting anything from large items to sensitive equipment that you may own. We give your individual items special attention to ensure they’re moved properly.



Such special items may include:

  • Electronics

  • Muscial Equiment

  • Gym Equipment

  • Motorcycles

  • Sports or Collector vehicles

  • and more!

Custom crating is also available for your most valuable or fragile possessions. From oversized flat screen televisions, marble table tops and delicate artwork, we can assemble a custom crate to specific needs.

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